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Will Kids Get New School Clothes During Covid?

“Will you still give new clothes to children in need even if schools are closed in the fall because of Covid-19?” asked a concerned director of a donor foundation.

“Yes we will”. We will because our donors and volunteers believe this is essential to a child’s wellbeing and for family security. We will because we’ll make adjustments to our stocking and packing methods to adjust for the safety of our members. We will because how deliveries are made to the schools will adjust to the school’s Covid-19 practices. What will not change is our commitment.

 Shipments of underwear, pants, hoodies, shirts and parkas are being delivered to Assistance League over the summer. This amounts to over 85,000 pieces of clothing stocked in our program center. We’ll pack and deliver new outfits for kids in need in the fall and this amounts to helping thousands of kids and families.

 All children are dealing with worry, confusion, confinement and loss caused by Covid-19. And, thousands of in need kids still require shirts, underwear, pants, socks and a parka whether they’re in a real or virtual classroom.

 We will help because we’re Assistance League.







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