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Spring Shopping at Old Navy

The spring shopping at Old Navy wrapped up last month at the Sugarhouse store when we served 25 students from Glendale Middle School. Each student was allowed to pick out $120 dollars worth of new clothes; both students and League volunteers enjoyed this activity. This year has been very successful. There were two different options available this year. First, students could come with their parents and shop from 5:00 until 7:00 P.M. The second option was for schools to have the students arrive at the Old Navy store on a school bus, during school hours and shop from 2:00 until 3:30 P.M with League members helping each child pick out clothes. Members said that was the one of the most fulfilling activities that they had as members of Assistance League. The students benefited greatly not only from the clothes, but especially from the many positive interactions they had with the League volunteers. This year Assistance League Of Salt Lake City helped 285 students at 14 schools in Canyons, Jordan, Salt Lake City, Granite, and Park City School Districts buy new clothes for school. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the Old Navy shopping is shopping with the children from the Family Resource Shelter in Midvale, whose liaison is Connie Crosby. Connie and staff from Midvale Middle School join with League members to help the students shop. These children have a significant need, and staying within the allowed per student budget can be extremely difficult. The children also worry about their family members, and their needs as well, however League members explain that our help allows their parents to help their bothers and sisters. This is such an important aspect of the Old Navy shopping program

Counselors from the various schools report that the day after shopping, the counseling centers at the schools become a runway for the students to model their clothes and show everybody what “they bought”. The students’ spirits are lifted and they feel a part of their junior high community. Their self-esteem grows and their participation in school activities increases. It takes so many caring and devoted members willing to give their time and energy to establish and maintain Operation School Bell and the Old Navy program.

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