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Ann Bergman Knows the First Thing to Do. Do You?

What’s the first thing you’d do when vaccinated and liberated from twelve months of Covid-19 quarantine? Go shopping at the Assistance League Thrift Store, of course! That’s exactly what Ann Bergman did. 
    “I’m finally here! This is the best store in town and I couldn’t be happier to finally be able to come shop and see everyone,” said Ann as she entered the store. Several of our members staffing the store recognized her even with her facemask on. They greeted her with the delight of seeing an old friend because Ann is a friend – that may just find a great bargain when visiting us.    
    Ann lives at a nearby assisted living center. Like thousands of other seniors in assisted living, rehabilitation or nursing facilities, she’s spent the last year strictly quarantined. When news that their quarantine would be lifted, Ann made plans.
    “The first thing I wanted to do is go to the shop. You can’t believe how much I missed the place,” Ann said. While selecting a couple of colorful tops from our half-price rack and a few spring decorations, she raved, “My spirits haven’t been this high for over a year.” 
    Thank you, Ann, for lifting our spirits. It’s great to see you again.

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