Karen S. Johnson Woman of Distinction

Karen S. Johnson Woman of Distinction Luncheon Honors Outstanding Women in the Community

The annual Karen S. Johnson Woman of Distinction Luncheon is held the first or second Saturday in May.  All proceeds fund Consociates programs, Baby Bundles and Assault Survivor Kits®.

Consociates Auxiliary selects Karen S. Johnson Woman of Distinction honorees based on personal, professional or community accomplishment or overcoming adversity.  Contact us to nominate a woman you think is deserving of this honor.

Past honorees include:

2018: Karin Palle
2017: Heidi Walker
2016: Susan Creager Allred
2015: Julie Wissler
2014: Evelyn Sadler and Linda Simpson
2013: Gina Pola-Money
2012: Su Richards and Bunnie Keen
2011: Rachel DeAzevedo Coleman and Peggy Hughes
2010: Mary Mark & Marsha Harmon
2009: Sylvia G. Rickard & Denise M. Winslow
2008: Dorothy Anderson
2007: Jamee Roberts
2006: Karen Mecham
2005: Kayleen Simmons
2004: Linda Amos & Tracee Lolofie
2003: Eileen Hallet Stone & Vicki Neumann
2002: Elaine Weiss & Joan Wasson Smith
2001: Sister Suzanne Brennan, Susan Bryan, & Dr. Sarah George
2000: Francis Gillmore & Preddy Oseguera
1999: Pamela Atkinson, Roz McGee, & Ella Sorenson
1998: Maun Alston, Sister Margo Cain & Judy Wight
1997: Dr. Peggy Stock, Dr. Jerilyn McIntyre, Rt. Rev. Carolyn Tanner Irish, Shirley Whitworth, Sue Bryner-Brown, Jennie Dudley
1996: Luci Malin, Joann Jacobsen-Wells, Jeanette Williams, Leigh Pugh, Carole Mikita, Mary Nickles, Stacy Bess